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Search Twitter like a Pro (part 2)

With all the information on twitter, finding what you need can be cumbersome.

You have two options:

1) Twitter Advanced Search;

Simply go to the advanced section within Twitter search and specify your parameters.

Advanced Twitter Search

2) Use Twitter ‘Operators’

This is simply a shortcut using key ‘operator’ words to manually perform some of the advanced search options.

All you have to do is manually input them into the search bar and voila :)

Advanced Twitter Search operators

Hope this helps you find what you are looking for.



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The most overlooked image tool on PC – Snipping Tool

When featuring products, apps, software or just doing a tutorial on your blog it’s often essential to take a number of images directly from your screen to demonstrate features, function, steps of ‘how to’ and more.

If you’re an avid content creator like myself you know the pain in taking screen selections on PC by first using Print Screen and then cropping what you need.

Mac provides a build in simple selection tool which exports your selection as an image type of your choice, something I thought was really missing from PC – but I was wrong.

I bring you the Snipping Tool – in my opition, the most overlooked image tool on PC.


Available for Windows 7, or Vista – you simply search ‘snipping tool’ in start menu and voila!

Here is how Microsoft explains you options:

You can capture any of the following types of snips:
Free-form Snip. Draw a free-form shape around an object.
Rectangular Snip. Drag the cursor around an object to form a rectangle.
Window Snip. Select a window, such as a browser window or dialog box, that you want to capture.
Full-screen Snip. Capture the entire screen.

After you capture a snip, it’s automatically copied to the Clipboard and the mark-up window. From the mark-up window, you can annotate, save, or share the snip.

For more and how to – check out the full article here.


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Ad images – why more is crucial to Facebook advert success

If you’re a seasoned content marketer or social media / community manager or even just a small brand testing out Facebook directly, I’m sure you’ve posted an advert or two where you may have used only a single image.

I’m guilty of this, but no more.

I learnt early on that one image per advert on Facebook is dangerous – on any budget.

Consider quickly the time and effort, let alone budget it already took to get that advert out there. Now what if you could double or triple your returns just with the marginal effort of loading more images?

This works more often than you imagine because not only do people in the same target audience differ from one another in tastes, likes, preferences, but more importantly, Facebook will help you spend your funds for the best results focusing on ads that are working well.

Just check out this R40 advert for which I uploaded 6 images.


Image 3 was a winner – actually not my favourite from the set but that’s just it.

Now consider this, Image 3 (below) was shot without professional photographer just got a few tweaks. One of the other ill performing images were done by a professional photographer and got at least 30min under the editing tool.


The result of your image performance can thus guide your creative process. You can see what works and in this case, we can reduce costs on imagery as now we know that big budget images are unnecessary for this campaign.

Hope this helps – and keep learning!

Over and out. Emmerentia
Cape Town


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Top 16 Apps & Tools for Facebook

Each day new tools and apps are developed and if you are like me at all, often find yourself wondering if you are missing out on something great.

Yes, FOMO or “fear of missing out” is applicable to content managers or anyone in the content marketing or social media management arena.

That said, never fear – I found a great article from the Hongkiat team which gives you a breakdown of great social media tools segmented by use.

Will look at these in more detail during the coming week or take a look yourself and find what works for you.

Looking at

Apps For:

1. Customisable Tabs – landing pages and others for just about anything

First Impression
Welcome Tab from Ivolver
Tab Maker

2. Video player and Tabs

YouTube app
Video Channel from North Social
Hubnut for Vimeo
Vimeo Tab from TabFusion

3. Contests

North Social Sweepstakes
The Momentus Media Contest
Sweepstakes & Contests from Friend2Friend
Strutta Contests

4. Blog, RSS and others

Blog Tab, a free app from TabFusion
The Google+ Tab, free from TabFusion
Selective Tweets lets you update your Facebook status from Twitter
North Social’s Twitter Feed app
Involver’s Twitter app
RSS Graffiti syndicates RSS feeds to your Facebook wall.
Involver’s RSS Feed app
North Social’s RSS Feed


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Ultimate overview of Facebook page types – THE BEST!

If you’ve ever been stuck deciding or wondering what type of Facebook page is for your brand or product then I’ve put this together for you.

Before choosing a page however I recommend completing your content marketing strategy before choosing a page if you have the luxury to do so. Knowing what content you will use and how you aim to reach your best audience will guide your ultimate decision of what type of page will work best.

Different pages have different attributes, and different companies or brands have different goals but generally the following tips and guidelines should help you decide on the best one for you:

In brief, there are six types of pages;

1. Local Business or Place
2. Company Organisation or Institution
3. Brand or Product
4. Artist, Band or Public Figure
5. Entertainment
6. Cause or Community

Facebook Page Types

1. Local Business or Place

If you have an actual store which you can touch where physical location is part of your package then this is for you. HINT: if you sell online or you business is mostly virtual – Company or Brand/Product page will work better.
Local Business of Place allows for page features such as opening hours, parking and for people to “check-in” when they visit you.

2. Company, Organisation or Institution

This works where you don’t rely on foot traffic as much or where your company spans a number of physical locations where opening times and finer details vary for the individual units that the working hours and such information is not of primary importance on the page.

HINT: If you are online only such as an eCommerce business and sell only online through your own website (not on other sites or stores) then this category is better than Local Business / Place, as well as Brand / Product.
If you sell through multiple retailers – Brand / Product may be better.

3. Brand / Product

This page type works best for companies such as Apple, Revlon, Nike where your products are sold through multiple resellers. Even if you are not their size the principle applies. If you sell in multiple locations or sites through various resellers – this is for you.

4. Artist, Band or Public Figure

If your main aim is to promote yourself of your band – then this page type works best. The advantage here, if you accurately select your area of expertise, Facebook further allows you to display more relevant information. i.e. Politician, once selected as your type for example, will be in a position to add details such as political views, affiliations and more.

5. Entertainment

Are you a TV show, movie, book or radio station? Entertainment page type is perfect.

6. Cause or Community

Possibly the most misleading page type of all. Not only is there no further drop down options for categories but features of other pages are often better suited.

I’d suggest looking for more accurate options under 1) Local Business / Place, 2) Company / Organisation or Institution or 3) Brand / Product instead.

Company Organization or Institution have categories such as:
Non-Profit Organization
are all under which might be a better match for you.

Local Business or Place also has:
Church/Religious Organization

That said – hope this helped your page choice dilema and allows you to choose the page type that works best for you.

Good luck and let me know how it goes. Again, big thanks to the guys at MarketingGum – you rock!


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Another great tool for the ‘not so tech savvy’ – like me!

Want to gather you social info from an on-line campaign or event and post it on-line in a creative and informative format.

How about a pinboard of posts with your campaign hashtag? Yes please? Easy as 1, 2, 3.

The guys at Echo Experience Studio have the tool for you.


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Change in Facebook Reach and Engagement 2014

Great stats on the change of Facbook reach and engagement in 2014. As content marketers in Cape Town and the world over, staying ahead of the algorithm changes and best practices to reach your audience is a primary focus.

Here are some of our top extracts for changes we’re seeing in 2014 stats results:

While Fan penetration on Facebook is still dropping, Engagement rates are increasing! That’s good news for business value which we mean is created when there’s is a true dialogue with the fans.

Global Trend: Lower Fan Penetration
Engagement is not the only social media marketing KPI. Another important KPI is Fan Penetration – or how many of your fans you reach with your posts on Facebook…However, our data analysis shows that Facebook pages are still reaching only 11.34% of their fans.

Last year, by the end of the summer, brands were reaching 25.20% of their audience versus 14.53% in November 2013 and now 11.34% by August 2014.

Big thank you to Komfo


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Over 50 Reasons Content Marketing Works

As a strong advocate of Content Marketing I just had to share the following presentation. As content marketers we often struggle to be understood or mostly, met with a bit of scepticism on why we want so much of our budget focused of great content and items of value to our fans – as opposed to pushing ad banners and driving more direct sales activities on various platforms.

I hope this great SlideShare presentation helps you to either convince others that the value in content more than exceeds the investment, if done right. Alternatively, if you are not sure what content marketing is all about – hope this helps.

One thing I do agree with NewsCred on:

1. Content marketing is necessary to efficiently build your business

2. Customer acquisition requires many simultaneous tactics

3. Blogging, email marketing, and social media are the main drivers of brand engagement


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5 Myths about Viral Videos

As we all know, the dream of every content marketer is for our content to go viral. That said, there are many companies and marketers that just don’t understand what makes a video go viral and how they can accurately tap into that.

For today – let’s dispel a few myths to put you on the right track.

Myth 1. Viral videos are done on the cheap.
Yes, though there are a few video that have been produced viral content on a shoe-string, this is not the norm. There are more direct correlations between emotional factors such as trust, humour than rands spent.
That said, here’s a goodie on a budget.

Myth 2. A certain creative device will lead to viral success.
“A study conducted by Dr. Karen Nelson-Field of the Ehrenberg Bass Institute of Marketing Science found there is no correlation between creative device and sharing or creative device and emotion.” SayDaily

Myth 3. To make your video viral it must be funny.
Though we all know, the rate of sharing for humorous content is twice that of any other – it doesn’t have to be to be successful. This is important to remember is your message is not about something humorous and you should differentiate you content accordingly.

My favourite example of all time – Childrens SOS, the deserve each of the 15 million views and counting.

Myth 4. Viral videos grow organically.
Whilst this is definitely possible, the reality is that there is simply so much content out there you need to be creative and get the story out. From partnering with bloggers and other top influencers or simply Ad spend – you’re going to have to do more than just post it if you are looking for any real chance.

Myth 5. You can duplicate an idea with success.
In this way viral videos forumla remains the unicorn of the content world – there is no set formula.
If you also decide to jump on the train once it’s left the station it’s often too late. I saw way too many #harlemshake or #icebucketchallenge videos that just flopped for this reason. Often once the upswing of reach is over, if you copy the idea, more often than not you just look like you had no original ideas of your own.

If you need help with your content be sure to reach out at hello@emmerentia.co.za- I’ve watched a brand video today that made me cry, in a good way – what are you producing?

Big thanks to SayDaily


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Goodbye QR code – hello smart paint

The world of storytelling and content marketing is constantly evolving as we find better ways to engage and interact with our audiences. Every consumer will have a number of steps from introduction to purchase and the making of Audio Billboards is tapping into that. A must watch – 2min video.


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