5 Myths about Viral Videos

As we all know, the dream of every content marketer is for our content to go viral. That said, there are many companies and marketers that just don’t understand what makes a video go viral and how they can accurately tap into that.

For today – let’s dispel a few myths to put you on the right track.

Myth 1. Viral videos are done on the cheap.
Yes, though there are a few video that have been produced viral content on a shoe-string, this is not the norm. There are more direct correlations between emotional factors such as trust, humour than rands spent.
That said, here’s a goodie on a budget.

Myth 2. A certain creative device will lead to viral success.
“A study conducted by Dr. Karen Nelson-Field of the Ehrenberg Bass Institute of Marketing Science found there is no correlation between creative device and sharing or creative device and emotion.” SayDaily

Myth 3. To make your video viral it must be funny.
Though we all know, the rate of sharing for humorous content is twice that of any other – it doesn’t have to be to be successful. This is important to remember is your message is not about something humorous and you should differentiate you content accordingly.

My favourite example of all time – Childrens SOS, the deserve each of the 15 million views and counting.

Myth 4. Viral videos grow organically.
Whilst this is definitely possible, the reality is that there is simply so much content out there you need to be creative and get the story out. From partnering with bloggers and other top influencers or simply Ad spend – you’re going to have to do more than just post it if you are looking for any real chance.

Myth 5. You can duplicate an idea with success.
In this way viral videos forumla remains the unicorn of the content world – there is no set formula.
If you also decide to jump on the train once it’s left the station it’s often too late. I saw way too many #harlemshake or #icebucketchallenge videos that just flopped for this reason. Often once the upswing of reach is over, if you copy the idea, more often than not you just look like you had no original ideas of your own.

If you need help with your content be sure to reach out at hello@emmerentia.co.za- I’ve watched a brand video today that made me cry, in a good way – what are you producing?

Big thanks to SayDaily

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