Ad images – why more is crucial to Facebook advert success

If you’re a seasoned content marketer or social media / community manager or even just a small brand testing out Facebook directly, I’m sure you’ve posted an advert or two where you may have used only a single image.

I’m guilty of this, but no more.

I learnt early on that one image per advert on Facebook is dangerous – on any budget.

Consider quickly the time and effort, let alone budget it already took to get that advert out there. Now what if you could double or triple your returns just with the marginal effort of loading more images?

This works more often than you imagine because not only do people in the same target audience differ from one another in tastes, likes, preferences, but more importantly, Facebook will help you spend your funds for the best results focusing on ads that are working well.

Just check out this R40 advert for which I uploaded 6 images.


Image 3 was a winner – actually not my favourite from the set but that’s just it.

Now consider this, Image 3 (below) was shot without professional photographer just got a few tweaks. One of the other ill performing images were done by a professional photographer and got at least 30min under the editing tool.


The result of your image performance can thus guide your creative process. You can see what works and in this case, we can reduce costs on imagery as now we know that big budget images are unnecessary for this campaign.

Hope this helps – and keep learning!

Over and out. Emmerentia
Cape Town