Ultimate overview of Facebook page types – THE BEST!

If you’ve ever been stuck deciding or wondering what type of Facebook page is for your brand or product then I’ve put this together for you.

Before choosing a page however I recommend completing your content marketing strategy before choosing a page if you have the luxury to do so. Knowing what content you will use and how you aim to reach your best audience will guide your ultimate decision of what type of page will work best.

Different pages have different attributes, and different companies or brands have different goals but generally the following tips and guidelines should help you decide on the best one for you:

In brief, there are six types of pages;

1. Local Business or Place
2. Company Organisation or Institution
3. Brand or Product
4. Artist, Band or Public Figure
5. Entertainment
6. Cause or Community

Facebook Page Types

1. Local Business or Place

If you have an actual store which you can touch where physical location is part of your package then this is for you. HINT: if you sell online or you business is mostly virtual – Company or Brand/Product page will work better.
Local Business of Place allows for page features such as opening hours, parking and for people to “check-in” when they visit you.

2. Company, Organisation or Institution

This works where you don’t rely on foot traffic as much or where your company spans a number of physical locations where opening times and finer details vary for the individual units that the working hours and such information is not of primary importance on the page.

HINT: If you are online only such as an eCommerce business and sell only online through your own website (not on other sites or stores) then this category is better than Local Business / Place, as well as Brand / Product.
If you sell through multiple retailers – Brand / Product may be better.

3. Brand / Product

This page type works best for companies such as Apple, Revlon, Nike where your products are sold through multiple resellers. Even if you are not their size the principle applies. If you sell in multiple locations or sites through various resellers – this is for you.

4. Artist, Band or Public Figure

If your main aim is to promote yourself of your band – then this page type works best. The advantage here, if you accurately select your area of expertise, Facebook further allows you to display more relevant information. i.e. Politician, once selected as your type for example, will be in a position to add details such as political views, affiliations and more.

5. Entertainment

Are you a TV show, movie, book or radio station? Entertainment page type is perfect.

6. Cause or Community

Possibly the most misleading page type of all. Not only is there no further drop down options for categories but features of other pages are often better suited.

I’d suggest looking for more accurate options under 1) Local Business / Place, 2) Company / Organisation or Institution or 3) Brand / Product instead.

Company Organization or Institution have categories such as:
Non-Profit Organization
are all under which might be a better match for you.

Local Business or Place also has:
Church/Religious Organization

That said – hope this helped your page choice dilema and allows you to choose the page type that works best for you.

Good luck and let me know how it goes. Again, big thanks to the guys at MarketingGum – you rock!