Change in Facebook Reach and Engagement 2014

Great stats on the change of Facbook reach and engagement in 2014. As content marketers in Cape Town and the world over, staying ahead of the algorithm changes and best practices to reach your audience is a primary focus.

Here are some of our top extracts for changes we’re seeing in 2014 stats results:

While Fan penetration on Facebook is still dropping, Engagement rates are increasing! That’s good news for business value which we mean is created when there’s is a true dialogue with the fans.

Global Trend: Lower Fan Penetration
Engagement is not the only social media marketing KPI. Another important KPI is Fan Penetration – or how many of your fans you reach with your posts on Facebook…However, our data analysis shows that Facebook pages are still reaching only 11.34% of their fans.

Last year, by the end of the summer, brands were reaching 25.20% of their audience versus 14.53% in November 2013 and now 11.34% by August 2014.

Big thank you to Komfo